Tips for Understanding a Move to the Cloud

Many of the systems you use today can be moved to cloud, or at least you can find an equivlent service in the cloud. Companies like Oracle provide a number of cloud based solutions, Oracle CRM On Demand is one of those solutions.

But what about your word processor and other standard office applications you may use? Whether you’re a small, medium or large business many of your peers are moving parts, or all of their business to the cloud. For many of these companies it creates a competitive advantage as they eliminate the need for servers on site, maintenance and having to employ people to manage them.

Those savings can be directed into other areas of the business, perhaps moving headcount in revenue generating areas. Employees are looking for more flexible work arrangements, cloud based software/services mean you have 24/7 access from anywhere you can access the internet.

Nick Hardiman from TechRepublic posted this articleon Monday of this week. His article “Deciding what you want from the cloud: First steps” provides insight for people who are trying to understand what the cloud can offer. Hardiman outlines his objective as follows:

Can I make my professional life simpler by offloading a lot of my work to a cloud infrastructure service provider? For those of you who are just contemplating what a move to the public cloud might mean for your organization – or if you’re deciding whether it’s even feasible – I want to take you on a step-by-step journey, based on my own experience. Maybe this will help you evaluate your own environment and what you might be able to gain from cloud computing options.

To learn more about how the cloud can benefit your business with Oracle CRM On Demand, contact us today for more details.


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