Open World Day 3 – Rob’s Headlines

Rob Shares Headlines from Today’s Sessions

  • Oracle announces the “Oracle Public Cloud
  • Platform as a service and Apps as a service – includes fusion CRM (don’t think this is the SaaS offering)
  • Oracle Social Network A secure collaboration tool for everyone you work with.
  • All 100 new Fusion products are now GA worldwide. Includes CRM.
  • Sting just came on stage to advertise his performance tonight!
  • Open World keynote from Infosys – big and gnarly SI – great messaging around what enterprises need to do: Anticipate tomorrow’s demand, influence tomorrow’s demand and fulfilling tomorrow’s demand – rated by Forbes as the 15th most innovative company in the world. Some cool stuff – look at their SocialEdge offering
  • More odd than anything else, Marc Benioff’s keynote was cancelled the day before it was meant to take place. As a leader in this space, it would have been great to hear what Benioff had to say.

When Rob & Jonathan return from Oracle Open World 2011, we’ll update these posts with as much information as we can gather.

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