Smaller IT and More Cloud Based Systems

In his Tech Sanity Check blog, Jason Hiner of TechRepublic talks about the IT department of 2015. He says “The IT department of 2015 will have fewer full-time staff members, will hire more consultants, and will focus on software, mobile, and the cloud”.

In discussion with my clients I constantly see companies of all sizes making that exact same decision. Granted, we resell Oracle’s CRM On Demand SaaS application, so I’m really not going to see much else.

However, my experience reflects Hines comments above. The “no” mentality of some IT people is being challenged by a younger IT person who only sees opportunity in the cloud and seems to ask “why not?” mor often. This younger IT person is also more likely to be a consultant. While their “on the ground” real life experience may not be as rich as some of the more seasoned IT person, they make up for it in their awareness of new technologies and their ability to get done quickly what their senior colleagues have typically taken much longer to do.

Interesting times ahead, bring on 2015 I say. Although given the rate of change we have always seen in IT, I wonder what 2012 is going to look like.

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