Video Conferencing – It’s Really Quite Easy

Due to time limitations and the need to be in Sydney for client meetings, our Managing Director delivered a speech today for an Oracle audience in Auckland, New Zealand. The luncheon covered Sales and Marketing and in part covered how Oracle CRM On Demand and Oracle CRM On Demand Marketing can help these two groups with their lead generation. We used a service called Powow from New Zealand. See the YouTube video below as a demo of the software.

At our end we set Rob up in the board room with his laptop, an external monitor and an external high def webcam. That was it – oh and we included external speakers to make it easier to hear, the HP laptop speakers aren’t the best.

It really couldn’t have been any easier. Rob was able to see his presentation, the audience at the hotel in Auckland and himself on one screen. As someone who likes to walk around and facilitate a session like this, web conferencing is a new medium. However, technology is finally at a stage where this type of web based service is a real solution.

I remember back to the video conference faciliaties I used in the 1990’s and early part of this century. They were cumbersome, required multiple dedicated ISDN lines and were extremely expensive. Today, you could really get away with using the camera in your laptop, but to avoid people at the other end looking up your nose, the external camera is a must.

We’re in the process of renovating our North Sydney office and have included a studio to ensure we’re able to deliver more and more video content to our prospects and customers. Video has passed being a nice to have, it’s now a must have.

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