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Over the past few years I feel as though I’ve read a mountain of information about social media marketing. It’s interesting when you look at Google Insights and compare the search terms “Marketing” and “Social Media Marketing“, there are definite trends afoot. While the total volume of searches for marketing outstrips social media marketing, the exponential growth of the latter shows a shift in the mindset of marketers.

A more specific search of the social media players shows the following:

Facebook is the clear winner here as a keyword people are searching for. Take some time to play with Google Insights, I think you will find it a valuable tool just like Google Analytics. Asking questions about social media may not be the right place to start, perhaps we need to think a little more base line, it’s about relationships.

It really isn’t about the technology.

A YouTube video hit my desk today talking to the subject of Social Media. While it may not specifically address social media marketing, any marketer or sales person can see the value of the insight the numbers presented reveal. Today I would argue social media is simply another channel to market and research from BaseOne (UK) confirms this, specifically in the B2B buyers space.

However, when you watch the video below (turn the volume down if you’re in the office) I think you may agree that social media is perhaps only scratching the surface today of where it may be in three to five years. Perhaps even earlier.

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