Apple’s next frontier: Your data

This past Spring (April 2011) Apple Inc. brought a 500,000 square foot (46,451.52 square metre) data centre online in North Carolina, it’s believed to be the biggest in the world. Bigger than anything we’ve seen to date from Google, Microsoft or Amazon. Why? That’s the million dollar, or perhaps, the “billion dollar” question. Steve Jobs is due to address the Apple devotees tomorrow Sydney time at the WW Developers Conference.

Maybe Now Is The Time to Think About Your Cloud Strategy

Jason Hiner from TechRepublic gives some good insight into what we can expect from Jobs and the team at Apple Inc. Click here to read more from Jason.

Questions have to be asked when the worlds most valuable IT company makes such a massive investment in a facility like the one in North Carolina. Take a look at the video below to get an idea of the size of this new facility.

I’ve been an Apple nut since I was about 14. My first part time job at high school was selling Mac’s at an Apple Store on the weekend. I stuck by them while their ex-Pepsi CEO thought he knew what he was doing. I bought the Bondi Blue iMac when Steve came back on the scene and would easily be labelled a Mac tragic by those who know me.

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