Apple iCloud – What is it all about?

We hear our prospects and clients asking questions about the cloud. Will it save me money? Is it secure? Where is my data stored? Is it backed up? Will I be able to access it should the company go “belly up”?

What business problem does this technology solve?

As a business we are firmly committed to the cloud as a business model. The Oracle CRM On Demand and CRM On Demand Marketing apps we sell and implement are cloud based. Our Outlook and Exchange are cloud based. We provide additional services to our clients which are cloud based. As a business model, our clients love it, it lowers costs, it connects to their cloud based CRM applications i.e. Oracle CRM On Demand and it just works.


Click here for an easy to read explanation of “the cloud” or “SaaS” written by Clive Smith, Managing Director of CRMNow Asia, who was published in the Singapore Business Review in May of this year.

The guys at Tech Republic have created an excellent review of Apple’s iCloud and Google Cloud. Each company has taken a very different approach to the cloud, click here to read their review.

To learn more about how the cloud can save you money, get you to where you want to be faster, contact a member of the CRMNow team today.

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