Google “Chromebooks” hit the market June 15

Long before Google announced their “Chromebook”, we had the “Terminal”. A PC which sat on your desk and was connected to a server room, but without the server was dead. The Chromebook is similar in that it has no hard drive and is simply a tool to help you get online. Samsung and Acer are manufacturing the first Chromebooks which go on sale in the US June 15th along with six other countries. Australia is not on the initial list of countries.

Users will access the Google suite of applications with all data saved online. In addition they will be able to surf the internet and click on ads sold by Google. As the US Justice Department finally takes its eye off Microsoft for antitrust behaviour, it appears Google may be the next target. Click here to read more from Reuters.

With nothing official from Oracle, it would appear Oracle CRM On Demand should function perfectly on these new laptops, however the current list of supported browsers only include IE 7 & 8 and Firefox 3.X. There is rumour that Apple’s Safari browser will be supported in Release 19 due out in the next few months. As a SaaS product, Oracle CRM On Demand and Oracle CRM On Demand Marketing would be well suited to this type of laptop.

Click here to read more about the Google Chromebooks.

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