Are Mobile Devices Crowding Your Workplace?

We’re working with a few clients at the moment who want to implement the iPad and other similar devices within their business. As users of Oracle CRM On Demand, our clients want to access their CRM via the iPad and tablet devices. We have a client using DELL tablets to access Oracle CRM On Demand and another client who will be accessing Oracle CRM On Demand in the not to distant future via the iPad.

In both cases these clients have a very mobile workforce and salesforce. They need to be able to access the complete application and not just simply an “app” version via an iPhone or iPad style device. In both cases, signature capture was important. These have been incorporated so they can be captured and stored within Oracle CRM On Demand.

Last week I saw a great article from where they talked in detail, via a few articles, about the various aspects of mobile devices and the considerations that need to be thought through. I found Seven categories for evaluating mobile device management products to be the most interesting with some excellent tips for the business and the CIO.

If you’d like to talk more about signature capture, mobile devices and your CRM, please contact a member of the CRMNow team today.

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