An easy to read explanation of Cloud Computing or SaaS

Earlier this month, the Singapore Business Review posted an article by Clive Smith,
Managing Director of CRMNow Asia. Clive outlines, in a very easy to read
fashion, what cloud computing is and what its’ impact will be for your

The following is an excerpt from his article:

The Cloud is a new way of deploying IT capacity, at its most
radical it is a new way of deploying business applications. Unfortunately at the moment the IT vendors are confusing everyone with acronyms (SAAS, PAAS, DAAS, and every other variant on As A Service, I will mainly be talking about
SAAS – Software as a Service) but the concept is simple. Instead of having to buy your own computers and staffing your own data centres you simply provide the end users with a device (PC, laptop) that supports a web browser and a connection to the web and all the functionality he needs is provided to him wherever he is.

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