Miller Heiman 2011 Global Sales Survey Results

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It’s refreshing to to be exposed to a world class Sales report which enables Australian businesses to benchmark themselves against their peers locally and overseas. Last Friday morning I attended the launch of the Miller Heiman 2011 Sales Survey.

There were a number of highlights in the data, I’ll share a few of them with you over the coming days and provide you with the link to Miller Heiman’s site so you can access the report for yourself. They have selected content available on their site, however I’d encourage you to subscribe to their site, I’ve done so for the past three plus years. Click here to access their site.

2011 Sales Survey – CRM Adoption.
The following is an excerpt from their 2011 Sales Survey.

“We are seeing a second generation of CRM as many companies are consolidating systems and increasing expectations from the data managed through these systems. Sales leaders are more likely to be driving the decision to implement and utilize CRM, rather that the IT-led initiatives of 10 years ago. Year-over-year confidence in CRM data among the World-Class Sales Organizations jumped 50 percent, while other organizations remained unchanged and reported less than a third of the confidence compared to top-performing organizations.”*

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*Italicized text (c) Miller Heiman, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Kindly reproduced here with the permission of Miller Heiman (Australia). Thank you!

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