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Last week I posted a blog covering selected results from the Miller Heiman 2011 Sales Best Practices Study. I promised to share some additional insight over the coming weeks. This week I wanted to talk to their “Top 12 Sales Initiatives for 2011“. Click here to visit Miller Heiman’s website and obtain a copy of their 2011 Study.

Their first two “Top Initiatives” relate to increasing the volume of qualified opportunities.

1. Sales and marketing are aligned in what our customers want and need.

2. We have a formalised value proposition that is very compelling to our prospects.”*

Our experience implementing Oracle CRM On Demand, especially where sales force automation is the key objective, is that the alignment of sales and marketing is generally absent. The synergies between sales and marketing have to be in place in order to have a clear line of site from list purchase through to a closed sale i.e. Lead Management.

If marketing buy lists against one prospect/lead profile that has nothing to do with the types of companies sales are approaching, you have misalignment.

In this scenario sales will continually reject the leads from marketing because the profiles don’t match. Our experience shows that you need to have sales and marketing on the same page around what constitutes a “Lead”, a “Prospect” and eventually a “Customer”.

Once you have alignment, Oracle CRM On Demand can provide insight into the journey of a lead through your sales process allowing you to make informed decisions.

To learn more about how CRMNow can help you achieve a higher volume of qualified leads contact us today.

*Italicized text (c) Miller Heiman, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Kindly reproduced here with the permission of Miller Heiman (Australia). Thank you!

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