Are you Lagging Behind with old Technology?

In today they discuss the need for businesses to adopt and run with smartphone technology. The report outlines that Australia is lagging behind the UK & USA as well as mature Asia markets.

In the context of Oracle CRM On Demand, access to your CRM data while users are on the road is key. Sales & Service people are able to update their prospect and client details directly after a meeting via their smart phones with Oracle applications (Apps) developed specifically for the iPhone and Blackberry.

When telephones first entered the work place only a few select people had them on their desk. Today, all employees have a landline telephone with a direct line. When mobile phones arrived, again only a few select people were provided with company mobiles. Today, some businesses have done away with land lines and only provide mobile phones to their workforce.

Smartphones are the next leap for telecommunications within the workplace. But the smartphone is so much more than telephone. With internet access, inbuilt cameras for still and video footage along with the ability to use smartphone based applications, the potential is really limited only by our imagination.

To understand how smartphones can enhance Oracle CRM On Demand within your company, please contact us today.

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