Is Your Disaster Recovery Plan in Place?

The recent flooding in Australia has seen many businesses loose everything, many with their entire premises going under water. In some cases water levels completely covered buildings.

The news channels carried images of staff standing waist deep in water as they formed a human chain to carry stock and computer hardware out of the offices to waiting trucks, cars or whatever they could find to carry items.

For those businesses with a SaaS or cloud based system, they could relax knowing their key client data, financials etc. were safely stored on servers in data centres, in some cases, half way around the world.

Their SaaS systems can be accessed from any computer with a browser and Internet connection.

Oracle CRM On Demand is a SaaS or web based CRM. CRMNow clients experience the flexibility and convenience of accessing their CRM solution from the office, home or on the road with a WIFI connection.

Click here to watch a 5:02 minute YouTube video taking you on a tour of the Oracle Austin, Texas Data Centre in the USA.

Click here to read how Intel developed a unique approach to disaster recovery.

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